Sunday, January 4, 2009

Wow a Brand New Year

Wow 2008 had passed... n Now 2009 has begin......

31st Dec 08 people are enjoying while I am working together with my colleagues towards 1st Jan 2009... So Sad.....

Well as usual, went trip with my family on 15th Dec till 19th Dec 08 by cruise.. It is fun for cruising... will post more when free

New chapter had just begin... Let's enjoy and treasure it......

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Wow.. It has been a long time tat i haven't write my blog...

Tis month is a good month becoz the ward sister allowed all the nurses to take PHs and AL for the month... Tis month is oso a bad month becoz we have gastroentritis happening to the patients as well as the staffs... In total we had 60 over people have it... Recent we oso have a food posioning going on.....

Well so much of 7 steps of hand washing (standard precautions) so sianx as all our hands becoming old already........

Friday, October 3, 2008

Wad a Bad Day

Today I do dressing in Station 2 and oso go over to Station 1 with Sister Yang to do the dressing during patients' lunch time.. Then Sister Phua saw the Dressing trolley and ask why is the dressing trolley there in bed 2, she ask me to keep. Sister Yang ask me not to keep the trolley and let the station staff to keep themselves.... After all the station 1 dressings was done, I push the trolley back to station 2 and my friend told me that one more patient's dressing to do which the maid did not come for training. My friend ask me to go for my lunch break before i do that patient's dressing. After all the dressing was done, while i was clearing my dressing trolley, mr Ranjit Singh come and ask me accident which happened 5 months ago. After that the Pig idiot sister start to raise her voice at me and asked me why i do dressing during patients' lunch time? I told her that Sister Yang want to see the wound so we do dressing, after which she tell me to go and see Mr Singh and explained to him. But I want to the office but no one is in there so i went back to the ward. Then I told Sister Yang that Mr Singh was not in the office. She called Mr Singh and asked where is he and he said that he had gone for the meeting outside..

I personally feels that this Sister Phua is trying very hard to kick me out of Bright Vision Hospital. I oso feels that when working with this type of person is a stressor to BVH and the staffs.

On the 30th Sept 2008, at about 3.50pm, I heard the conversation between Maria Grace. She said that SHE IS BEING PAID FOR USING HER MOUTH TO WORK NOT USING HER HANDS TO WORK!! The AME ambulance guys also heard that too. The Ambulance staff oso scared of her.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

wat an advanture

today i have been doing dressings until 3.15pm, I wanted to sign off already but my staff nurse ask me to send a case to CGH Geriatric Day Hospital. Staff Nurse ask me to wait for the AME Ambulance to bring us there, together we brought the patient for admission. After the patient had admitted and the guys brought me along with them to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to fetch another patient (which was a premature baby) to KKH together witht the father and his brother-in-law. I sat in the ambulance and carried the baby all the way from the ferry terminal to KKH.When we reached KKH, one of the guys help to carry the Oxygen tank, while i carried the baby to the resuscitation room at the A&E department. After which, they go all the way to pick up the patient from SGH back to Hougang. from there they sent me back to BVH.

Sometimes I think that ambulance job is also serving patient. but all the time is running on the road and time. When you are a staff in ambulance service it is your responsibility to make sure that the patient, family, other hospital staffs and yourself to be safe.

Every job that we work is not easy.

Monday, September 15, 2008


Finally got to send patient to see doctor for 2 days... But the thing is how come she agree to let me accompany patient??